Schedule of Scrub Games.

Following is a schedule of the games of the scrub nines for the coming week. All games will be played on Norton's field at four o'clock except on the days when the 'varsity has a game. On these afternoons the games will be played at 2 o'clock.

Monday, May 19, at 2 o'clock-

The Hoodoos vs. the E. H. Child's nine.

The Clippers vs. the Bluejays.

Tuesday, May 20, at 4 o'clock-


The D. U. nine vs. the Volunteers.

The Waverleys vs. the Crimsons.

Wednesday, May 21 at 2 o'clock-

The Yahoos vs. Table 1 nine.

The Gasolines vs. the Idlers.

Thursday, May 22, at 4 o'clock-

The Greasers vs. George Nicholas' nine.

The Snowballs vs. Foxcroft Club.

Bye the Trojans.

Friday, May 23, at 2 o'clock-

Reserved for postponed games.