FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- Meet at Pach's studio with instruments Saturday promptly at 1.30.

FINANCE CLUB-Will be photographed at 1.30 today on the north steps of the library.

F. L. OLMSTEAD, Sec'y.Reserved seat tickets for the Yale freshman game are now for sale at Leavitt and Peirce's. Price, 25 cents extra.

The following men will be on Jarvis at 3 o'clock sharp: Johnson, Merriam Watters, Manley, Stone, Wiggin, Marshall, Dolan.

L. A. FROTHINGHAM.CANOE CLUB.- There will be a "Smoker" tonight in the new club rooms over Sanporn's at 7.30.


G. L. BATCHELDER, Purser.Any seniors who have not yet furnished us with their photographs will materially aid us if they will do so at once.

PUB. HARVARD PORTFOLIO.Senior class will be photographed on the rear steps of Memorial Hall on Tuesday, May 27, at 1.00 p. m. sharp. The freshman will be photographed immediately after.

SHOOTING CLUB DINNER will be held at Parker's on Tuesday, the 27th, at 7.30 p. m. Price $2.50. Sign the book at Leavitt's.

Members of the Southern Club are urgently requested to be in the rooms this evening at 8 o'clock promptly. Election of officers.

COLLIER COBB, President.TENNIS NOTICE.- Season tickets, good until June 21, can be bought of the man in charge of the courts for $2.50. These tickets are not transferable. Anyone lending his ticket will be liable to forfeit it.