Shooting Club.

At the meeting of the Shooting Club yesterday afternoon there were thirteen entries for the Founders Cup, shot for monthly by members of the Club, and held by the winner for that length of time. McKay, '92, won the cup by the record of fifteen straight birds, a clean score, and the first time it has been made in the shooting for this cup. Bacon, '90, was second with a score of thirteen.

In the class shooting which followed, '90 won with a score of seventy-seven birds out of one hundred. Below is the score, each man shooting twenty-five birds.

'90.Post, 17; Bacon, 20; Haskell, 20; Ware, 20.- Total 77.


'91.Lamb, 8; Dodge, 16; Everett, 22; Luce, 24.- Total 70.

'92.Paine, 12; Bremer, 19; Spalding, 14; McKay, 20.- Total 65.

'93.Hastie, 19; Weld, 15: Beal, 17: Pyke, 16.- Total 67.