Lowell 130; Harvard 82.

The cricket eleven met with their first defeat at Lowell on Saturday. They were unable to hit the swift bowling of Burns and Fairburn, and were put out for a total of 82. Brown carried his bat in the second inning for 25. Lowell made a good stand for 130, thus winning by an inning and 48 runs. Burns played brilliantly, for 59 runs, though he gave several chances for catches. Meiklejohn made 15, but should have been caught on the first ball. The spectators crowded in on the grounds and made fielding difficult. The umpire's decisions were unfavorable to Harvard. The score:


Adler, c. Parker b. Garrett. 4

Priestly, b. Brown. 10

Fairburn, b. Garrett. 4


T. Hart, c. Parker, b. Garrett. 0

Comber, c. Hewes, b. Brown. 9

Burns, run out. 59

J. Hart, b. Frost. 6

Meiklejohn, c. Frost, b. Brown. 15

Perkins, c. Balch, b. Brown. 3

Hartwell, c. Crowninshield, b. Brown 0

Honby, not out. 5

Extra. 15

Total. 130