PI ETA THEATRICALS-Farce at 3. Others at 5. Prompt.

There will be a meeting of the CRIMSON board at 1.45 today.

FOUND.- A bunch of keys. Owner can have them at Leavitt and Peirce's.

FR. 5-Blue books for final examinations must be handed in on Tuesday, 27th inst., at the 10 o'clock recitation.

LOST-A library book on the front steps of Matthews. Will the finder please leave at Foster's.


All the men who have been collecting for the Mott Haven team will please meet in 59 Braitle st. at 7.30 o'clock, Monday evening, May 26.

S. V. R. CROSBY, Treas. H. A. A.ENGLISH 12.- Theme XV. will be returned to Section 3 on Monday, May 26; to Section 4 on Wednesday, May 28.

No daily themes will be collected after Thursday, May 29.

L. B. R. BRIGGS.HISTORICAL SOCIETY-Barge leaves university library for Brookline at 4 o'clock sharp. The society photograph will be taken at Mr. Winthrop's house.

E. A. DARLING, Sec'y.TENNIS TOURNAMENT-The college tennis tournament will begin this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Players not on Jarvis field at this time will be promptly defaulted.

HUGH TALLANT, Sec'y H. L. T. A.INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION.- Winners of first prizes in '86, '87, '88, or '89, subscribers to the challenge cup, or former officers of the Association, may obtain a complimentary reserved seat each for the games on Holmes field Saturday, June 7, by calling at 4 College House between 7.30 and 10 p. m. on Monday evening.