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Phillips Exeter Spring Tournament.


One of the most successful tournaments ever held on the Exeter campus took place on Wednesday, the 28th inst.

The school feels very much gratified at the result and expects to make a good showing against Andover. Rain in the afternoon prevented the completition of ths programme, but out of the twelve events that were able to be contested the records of four were broken and several records very nearly equalled. The remaining events were postponed until Decoration Day. The feature of the day was Bliss'('90) jumping.

Throwing the base ball, the first event, was won by Carter, '91, with a throw of 326 ft. 9 in. All three men entered threw over 300 feet.

Ellis, '90, won the hundred yards dash in eleven seconds. Gates, '93, won second place after a hard race with Reed. In the running broad jump Bloss, '90, distinguished himself by jumping 20 ft. 10.5 in., beating his last year's record by six and a half inches. Sayre, '92, second, jumped 17 ft. 8.5 in. Three men came to the scratch in the mile run. The first quarter was run in 1 minute, 16 seconds, the men all bunched; in the third quarter Strong, '92, was well in the lead and flnished the mlle in 5 minutes, 13.5 seconds. Chamberlain won second place from Locke. Putting the shot was won by Ford, '91, 28 feet 6 inches. After a very close contest Newell, '90, won second place from Squire, tieing Ford's best put. Ellis, '90, ran the 220 yards dash in 25 seconds. The struggle for second place was close and exciting, but at the finish Sayre,'93, was slightly in the lead of Reed and Gates. Endicott, '90, was first in the mile walk, doing the distance in 8 minntes, 32.5 seconds, within two and a quarter seconds of the record made by Bates (H. U. '92) in 1888. Newkirk won from Gage in the standing broad jump. His last distance was 9 feet 1-2 inch. The 440 yards dash was the best contested race of the day. Ellis '90, Gilpin '90, '90, Stothers '99, Cheney '91, were entered. Ellis led for a hundred yards, but dropped out at the 220 line, being used up by his two previous hard races. After a hard struggle Stothers, '90, finished first, with Gilpin second. In the hop, step and jump, Bloss led at every trial. On his third trial he covered 44 feet 1 inch, beating his former record by two feet and one inch, although he was handicapped by an injured foot. The hurdle race was a very exciting contest between Whitehead '92 and Stothers '90. Whitehead got away well and was in the lead half way down the course, but Stothers gained rapidly, and the men finished what was at first thought a dead heat. The judges, however, decided in favor of Whitehead. Time 20 3-4 seconds; former record 20 seconds. The hammer throwing was won by Folsom '91, 67 feet 10 inches. Most of these records are exceptionally good for a preparatory school.

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