Special Notice.

Tutoring in German Courses.

C. A. WINTER, 12 Kirkland Place.Tutoring in French and Mathematics especially Math. B and Math E.

PERRY LAWTON, A. M., 25 Hollis Hall.Tutoring in Physics A, B and I; Chem. B and I; and Math. E. Semmar in Physics B the night before the examination at 8 o'clock.

The current number of The Week's Sport contains an article on the Williams-Mapes hurdle race, the Yale Atalanta boat race, and a forecast of the winners at the intercoliegiate championships.

G. D. BUSSEY '91, 16 Stoughton.- 4t


Will the gentleman, unknown, who borrowed from the room of the late Mr. Sawin the first volume of "The Fable of the Bees" kindly return it to 739 Cambridge street? The book has a peculiar value to the owner. 4t

GERMAN 1a.- Die Bruder translated at 1.30 sharp this afternoon, and finished a half hour before the Yale game begins. Aus dem Staat Friedrichs des Grossen this evening at 7.30 sharp. Bring books. Price 50c. each. Translated at 39 Holyoke House.

The spring styles in woolen goods for men's wear show decided changes from the past few years. The large plaids are gone, and in their place are the quiet check and fine stripes in worsteds, and in cheviots the homespun effects and dog tooth checks are the most popular. The style of cut also show radical changes. Gentlemen who appreciate all the correct points in cut and proportion are invited to order of us, as goods will be cheerfully shown. 10 per cent discount for cash and moderate prices. FRANK D. SOMERS, 5 Park Street.