Fact and Rumor.

There are rumors of music at the class game this afternoon.

By the will of the late G. S. Pepper of Philadelphia, $60,000 has been given to the University of Pennsylvania for the establishment of a new professorship.

There will be no recitations in Greek 2 and Greek 6 tomorrow.

There will be an hour examination in Mathematics E this morning.


Two hundred and thirty men have joined the Harvard Rowing Club.

Special reports in History 17 are due tomorrow, and in History 13 May 15.


It is reported that the University of Pennsylvania will put no crew on the water this year.

The examination for second year honors in classics will take place to morrow and Monday.

Frank R. Jones of Boston, L. S., has been elected to speak at commencement for the Law School.

Twenty-five thousand dollars has been expended on the Princeton athletic field during the last two years.

Lee and Crosby are going to take part in the M. A. C. games in New York tomorrow, and will be unable to play in the class game this afternoon.

A despatch in the Herald was responsible for the statement in yesterday's CRIMSON that Cheney made the mile run in 4 m. 27 2-5 s. The News gives the time as 4m. 47 2-5 s.

There is a good deal of dissatisfaction at Yale with the small seating capacity of the base ball grounds. It is possible that another bank of seats will be erected behind third base.

The upper class games which were to have been held at Yale last Tuesday were postponed on account of rain till May 13. The class tennis tournament will begin next Monday.

Wednesday's college games resulted as follows: Yale 12, Columbia 3; Amherst 4, Williams 2; Colby 10, Bowdoin 6; Phillips Andover 10, Columbians 4; Exeter 8, Matthews 4; Brown 14, Tufts 4.

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