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Fact and Rumor.


Chapel is compulsory at the University of Chicago.

There are 36 student waiters at the Yale commons.

Rutgers is to have a new gymnasium costing $20,000.

Over 8,000 volumes were added to the Yale library recently.

The Harvard freshmen have organised a debating union. - Ex.

Beard '95 will probably take Sanford's place on the Yale eleven.

Jenkins an old Harvard player is now playing with the Yale eleven.

The election returns were posted on the campus at Princeton last night.

The sophomore and senior german at Yale took place last night.

Wallis, Cox, and Stillman are on the sick list at Yale at present.

W. A. Delano '95 has been elected an editor of the "Yale Record."

The University of Chicago has adopted orange as the college color.

The Cleveland college for women has 73 regular and 19 special students.

Osgood, Cornell's half-back, is expected to enter the University of Pennsylvania

William Astor has promised $1,000.000 to found a negro university in Oklahama.

King, Wheeler, and Vincent, though all injured now, expect to play on Princeton in the game against Yale.

The total number of membership in Greek letter societies in the American colleges is estimated at 77 000.

A travelling fellowship in architecture has been established at the University of Pennsylvania.

At John Hopkins students are compelled to pass an examination in gymnastics before getting a degree.

Cornell is considering the plan of extending the law course from two to three years.

The swimming tank at the new Yale gymnasium was opened last Thursday.

The annual football game between the B. A. A. and New York Athletic clubs will be played in New York on Nov. 17

A seminar of history, political science and political economy has been organized at Brown.

Harvard was the first of the American colleges to open a graduate school. The first degree of Doctor was given in 1873.

Three new members have been taken on to the faculty of University of Chicago.

The students at Wellesley will hereafter have a "Senior Day" which will take the place of the Class Day of other colleges

Carroll N. Brown of Harvard is to have the professorship of Greek in the University of Vermont.

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