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Pennsylvania Wins at Cricket.

Harvard 55; Pennsylvania 134.


Yesterday Harvard lost the deciding championship game with the University of Pennsylvania. The day was perfect for cricket, but the wicket was too soft for high scoring. Harvard went in first, and at the fall of her third wicket the score was 8; to this Pennsylvania answered in her first turn with 31, and from that time on the difference in favor of the Philadelphians at each turn grew greater. Pennsylvania finally won by 79 runs and four wickets. For the visitors, Wood, Bohlen and McFadden batted well, and Patterson led the bowling. For Harvard, Balch and Sullivan got the highest scores. Harvard was handicapped in her bowling when Brown's hand was hurt in the first innings.

The eleven has now completed its spring season, winning six games and losing but two. The score:


First inning,-

A. C. Garrett, b Patterson 0

R. W. Frost, c Thayer, b Patterson 0

J. A. Parker, c Martin, b Patterson 0

T. W. Balch, b Goodwin 9

R. D. Brown, c Rowland, b Patterson 3

L. Sullivan, b Patterson 9

S. A. M. Skinner, c Henry, b Patterson 0

F. W. Crowninshield, b Colladay 6

W. MacVeagh, b Goodwin 0

H. F. Hewes, c Goodwin, b Patterson 2

H. A. Davis, not out 0

Byes 7, leg-byes 1 8

Total 37


B. M. W. R.

Patterson 104 11 7 15

Goodwin 100 12 2 13

Colladay 12 1 1 1


First inning,-

F. H. Bohlen, c Garrett, b Brown 16

R. McDonald, b Brown 9

H. C. Thayer, c Parker, b Garrett 2

W. B. Goodwin, c Parker, b Garrett 4

G. S. Patterson, b Brown 6

H. C. Wood, not out 35

R. L. Martin, c Hewes, b Garrett 10

S. R. Colladay, b Garrett 11

J. N. Henry, run out 0

G. McFadden, c Frost, b Hewes 15

G. Rowland, c Garrett, b Balch 6

Byes 4, leg-byes 4, wide 1 9

Total 123


B. M. W. R.

Brown 102 7 3 46

Garrett 95 2 4 49

Hewes 12 0 1 10

Balch 8 0 1 8

Brown bowled one wide


Second inning,-

R. D. Brown, b Patterson 0

A. C. Garrett, b Colladay 0

L. Sullivan, c Henry, b Patterson 0

T. W. Balch, b Colladay 2

S. A. M. Skinner, run out 0

F. W. Crowninshield, c and b Patterson 4

R. W. Frost, c McFadden, b Patterson 2

J. A. Parker, c Bohlen, b Patterson 4

W. MacVeagh, c Thayer, b Colladay 5

H. F. Hewes, not out 1

H. A. Davis, c Henry, b Colladay 0

Total 18


B. M. W. R.

Patterson 36 2 5 6

Colladay 29 1 4 12


Second inning,-

F. H. Bohlen, c Crowninshield, b Brown 0

H. C. Wood, b Garrett 0

H. C. Thayer, b Brown 0

R. McDonald, c Sullivan, b Brown 6

W. B. Goodwin, run out 0

J. N. Henry, lbw, b Garrett 1

G. McFadden, not out 1

Byes 2, wide 1 3

Total 11


B. M. W. R.

Brown 31 1 3 8

Garrett 24 4 2 0

Brown bowled one wide.

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