Fact and Rumor.

The Yale Lit for June is out.

Yesterday was Ivy Day at Smith College.

Tonight is to be strawberry night at the Hasty Pudding Club.

The graduating class at Johns Hopkins numbers thirty-three.

No highest final honors in classics have been awarded this year.


Ground will be broken this summer for a new electrical building at Lehigh.

No members of '93 will be able to get rooms on the Yale campus next year.

The first junior theatricals of the Pi Eta Society were held yesterday afternoon.

The Yale delegation to Mr. Moody's summer Bible school will leave New Haven Saturday, June 28.

Downs, '90, ran the 220 recently in practice in 22 3-8 seconds. Wendell Baker's fastest time for the same distance on the Holmes Field track was 22 3-4 seconds.

There are yet due a hundred and fifty senior class lives. These should be handed to the secretary immediately.

The marks in English 5 have been made public. There are three A's this year, all the other members of the course have B.

Professor Child will take Mr. Kittedge's Shakspere Course next year, and Mr. Kittredge will take Professor Child's Bacon and Milton.

The new Mott Haven cup is now on exhibition at Bigelow and Kennard's, Boston. It will be exhibited at the University Bookstore on Class Day.

The actions by which the spectators at Saturday's game at New Haven attempted to win the game from Harvard are condemned by the Yale News.