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Harvard Wins the Cup.


Harvard won the first games for the new cup at Berkeley oval Saturday in a very close and interesting meeting The weather was perfect and the games drew out between four and five thousand spectators. Lee broke his own and the world's record in the 220 yards hurdle race, and R. H. Davis broke the intercollegiate record in the two mile bicycle race; Downs might have broken the record in the quarter, but saved himself for the half.

Sherrill and Williams of Yale and Dohm of Princeton also made new records.

The opening event was the 100 yards dash. The first heat went to Cary of Princeton rather easily in 10 1-5 sec., with Vredenburgh of the same college second. Sherrill took the second heat in a canter in 10 1-2 sec., and Robinson of Yale won the thrid heat in 10 4-5 sec. The final heat was exceedingly close. Sherrill breasting the tape about one yard ahead of Cary in 10 1-5 sec.; Robinson of Yale was third. Vredenburgh won the trial for second men in 10 2-5 seconds.

The 220 yards brought out almost the same men as the shorter sprint did. Sherrill and Cary ran in the first heat, Cary winning in 22 2-5 sec., Sherrill being a good second. The second heat went to Robinson of Yale in 23 sec., Vredenburgh second. The final heat was a grand struggle between Sherrill and Cary, the former winning by two feet in 22 1-5 sec., 1-5 of a second better than the intercollegiate record held by him. Robinson of Yale again took third place.

The 440 yards run was in two heats, the first four in each running in the final. Downs '90 won the first heat very easily in 53 3-5 sec. The second heat went to W. B. Wright jr. of Yale in 54 1-5 sec.; Stead '91 second; Crosby '91 third; G. L. Batchelder '92 fourth. The final heat was won by Downs in 50 3-5 sec. without any trouble; Roddy of Princeton second and Stead '91 third.

Fourteen men toed the mark for the half mile run. Dohm dashed off in the lead, while Downs was the very last man to get started. Dohm made the first quarter in 56 sec., three yards ahead of Downs. At the 600 yards mark the race was very close; Dohm however, drew away gradually and crossed the line in 1 min., 57 1-5 sec., 4 4-5 sec. better than the intercollegiate record. Downs was second and Wright '92 was third.

The mile run was won by Wells of Amherst,- last year's winner in the same event-notwithstanding a bad fall. His time was 4 min. 35 2-5 sec. Ellsworth of Yale was second, White '92 third.

An Amherst man also won the mile walk,-a great surprise to all, as McIlvaine of Columbia was considered a sure winner. Bardeen of Harvard was disqualified, as well as Collis of Columbia. Gregg, the winner, made the mile in 7 min. 10 sec, McIlvaine was a bad second, and Bercherling of Princeton third.

In the first heat of the bicycle race Clark of Yale and Davis '91 collided, Clark being thrown and having his machine smashed. Davis won the first heat in 6 min. 9 1-2 sec. P. W. Davis '93 won the second heat in 6 min. 20 1-5 Final heat was won by R. H. Davis in 6 min. 6 2-5 sec.; Hallock of Amherst second and P. W. Davis '93, third.

Williams of Yale won the 120 yards hurdle race in 16 1-5 sec.; Mapes of Columbia was a fairly close second and G. R. Fearing '93 third. The first heat went to Williams in 16 1-5 sec., and the second one to Fearing '93 in 16 4-5 sec. Williams' record was 3-5 of a second better than the former record.

Lee'91, won the first heat of the 220 ydhurdle race easily, with Mapes second. Williams of Yale won the second heat in 28 seconds, and Fearing '93, the third heat. The final was a great race between these four men. Lee took the lead at about 25 yards and beat Williams by two feet, making a world's record of 25 1-4 sec. Fearing beat Mapes for third place.

Janeway put the shot 39 ft. 1-2 in., Elcock of Yale 38 ft. 5 in., and Allen 37 ft. 5 1-2 in.

Fearing won the running high jump at 5 ft. 8 1-4 in., Lee coming second at 5 ft. 7 1-4 in., and Seigel of New York College an inch lower.

In the running broad jump, Dohm won with 22 ft. 3 1-2 in. Mapes and Williams tied for second place, and Mapes won on the jump-off.

Ryder of Yale, and Welch of Columbia tied for the pole vault at 10 ft. 7 in., and the points were divided between them. Crane '80, took third place, clearing 10 feet.

Columbia pulled Pennsylvania 8 in. in the first trial of the tug-of-war; Yale beat Swarthmore by 1 1-2 in., with Princeton bye. In the second trial Columbia beat Princeton by 3 1-2 in., and Columbia beat Yale by 7 in. In the pull for second place Yale defeated Princeton by 5 1-2 inches, and Princeton forfeited third place to Swarthmore.

In the hammer throwing, Hinman of Columbia won with a throw of 94 ft. 7 in.; Jefferson of Princeton second, with 93 ft. 1 in., and Detwiller of Lehigh third with 92 ft. 10 1-4in.

The total points were: Harvard, 4 first prizes, 3 seconds and 6 thirds, a total of 32 points; Yale, 3 1-2 firsts, 4 1-2 seconds and 3 thirds, total 29 1-2 points; Princeton, 3 firsts, 4 seconds and 1 third, total 24; Columbia 2 1-2 firsts, 3 1-2 seconds, total 19 1-2 points, Amherst, 2 firsts, 2 seconds, total 12.

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