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Class Spreads.


Abbot, Philip Stanley. No. 1 Follen St., Class Day eve.

A kin, Thomas Russell, Agassiz Mus.

Aldrich, Henry Macfarland, Pi Eta.

Amory, Arthur, Jr., Beck Hall.

Facon, Francis Warren, Matthews, Hall, 3-5.

Baldwin, Arthur Colton, 30 Hollis, 6-8.

Barney, George Lawrence, 4 Kirkland Place, 3-5.

Barr, James Cummings, Gymnasium.

Blagden, George Jr., Gymnasium.

Blaney, Charles Preaut, Delto Upsilon.

Blunt, John Samuel, Felton Hall, 6-8.

Boynton, John Henry, Pi Eta.

Bradlee, Thomas Stevenson, Beck Hall.

Brewster, Edwin Tenney, Foxcroft Club.

Brown, Philip King, Grays Hall, June 17.

Brown, Reynolds Driver, 35 Matthews, 6-7.

Burr, Charles Wolcott, 20 Prescott St.

Burrage, Edgar, Agassiz Museum.

Burton, Harry Edwin, 373 Harvard St.

Calkins, Leighton, Pi Eta.

Cary. Robert John, Weld Hall, 1.30 3.30.

Chalfant, Henry, Beck Hall.

Chamberlin, Leigh Wentworth, Agassiz Museum.

Chase, Allan McCleery, 13 Humboldt St., 6-8.

Cheney, Benjamin Pierce Jr., Agassiz Museum.

Cheney, Paul Howard, 15 Matthews.

Clark, Daniel Henry, 22 Garden St.

Clifford, Nathan, 10 Oxford St., 2-4.

Codman, John Sturgis, Gymnasium.

Corning, Howard, Hasty Pudding Club.

Crehore, Charles Lemuel, Beck Hall.

Crocker, Robert Ives, Beck Hall.

Crowninshield, Bowdoin Bradlee, Gymnasium.

Curtis, Francis Gardner, Beck Hall.

Cutting, Frederick Page, Felton Hall, 6-8.

Dadmun, George Estabrook, 20 Prescott St.

Darling, Eugene Abraham, Hasty Pudding Club.

Davenport, Chales Albert, Pi Eta.

DeLong, Frank La Mont, Pi Eta.

Denison, John Porter, Agassiz Mus.

Dexter, Samuel, Gymnasium.

Dickerman, George Henry Jr., 30 Hollis, 6-8.

Dodge, Richard Elwood, Delta Upsilon.

Dow, Louis Henry, Delta Upsilon.

DuBois, William Edward Burghardt, Foxcroft Club.

Duffield, Henry Matyn, Jr., Weld Hall, 1.30-3-30.

Dunoan, Frederick Smyth, Felton Hall, 6-8.

Eastman, Charles Rochester, Felton Hall, 6-8.

Eddy, Clinton, Lucius, Pi Eta.

Emmons, Alfred Page, Hasty Pudding Club.

Fairbank, Kellogg, Gymnasium.

Faulkner, Robert Eames, Agassiz Museum.

Fessenden, Russell Green, Gymnasium, Fisher, Benjamin, W. Hastings 50.

Fiske, Winthrop Edwards, Delta Upsilon.

Fogg, Horace Tower, Pi Eta.

Foxcroft, Francis Augustus, Wold Hall.

Gay, Warren, Agassiz Museum.

George, Nathan Richard, Jr., Foxcroft Club.

Gorham, George Dwight, 12 Oxford St., 2 p. m.

Gulick, Charles Burton, Delta Upsilon.

Hand, Augustus Noble, Matthews Hall, 2-4.

Harp, Cyrus Daniel, A. B., Foxcroft Club.

Hartridge, Julian, Weld Hall, after the Tree.

Haskell, Harry Hill, 20 Prescott St.

Heckt, Summitt Louis, 5 Holyoke House.

Henshaw, George Bridges, Thayer Hall, Class Day eve.

Herrick, Robert Frederick, Hasty Pudding Club.

Hill, Myron Francis, 45 Thayer.

Hodgman, Arthur Winfred, Foxcroft Club.

Holt, Dan Burton, Foxcroft Club.

Hunnewell, Horace Horatio, Beck Hall.

Job, Robert, Foxcroft Club.

Jones, Richard, Agassiz Museum.

Kellam, Edward Richard, Delta Upsilon.

Kelly, Edward Parker, Foxcroft Club.

Kinyon, Elmer Lawton, Foxcroft Club.

Lawrence, Samuel Came, Foxcroft Club.

Learned, Henry, Barrett, 46 Matthews.

Linn, Philip Billmeyer, Agassiz Museum.

Littell, Philip, 22 Garden St.

Livingstone Cambridge, Beck Hall.

Lockwood, Hamilton De Forest, Gymnasium.

Lothrop, William Sturgis Hooper, Gymnasium.

Lund, Joseph Wheelcck, Hasty Pudding Club.

McDuffie, Rufus Leighton, Agassiz Museum.

McLeod, Sayre, Agassiz Musum.

Magoun, Francis Peabody, Beck Hall.

Martin, Wisner Bell, Matthews Hall and Pi Eta.

Mather, Maurice Whittemore, Foxcroft Club.

Matthews, Constant Southworth, Beck Hall.

Morrill, George Herbert, Pi Eta.

Mix, Charles Louis, Foxcroft Club.

Montgomery, Richard Bullard, Pi Eta.

Morton, Andrew Marcus, Delta Upsilon.

Mumford, Norman Winthrop, Beck Hall.

Myer, Walden, Gymnasium.

Norman, Guy, Beck Hall.

Page, Calvin Gates, 9 Bow St., after the Tree.

Page, Curtis Hidden, Delta Upsilon.

Palmer, Wilson Newell. W. Hastings, 50.

Parker, Richard Fay, Beck Hall.

Payson, Gilbert Russell Jr., Watertown, Class Day Eve.

Peabody, Charles, 35 Matthews, 6-7.

Perry, Harry Tvler, Delta Upsilon.

Pond, Aylmer Draper, Delta Upsilon.

Post, Waldron Kintzing, Gymnasium.

Potter, George Sabine Jr., Pi Eta.

Potter, Nathaniel Bowditch, Pi Eta.

Pulsifer, Louis Warren, 20 Prescott St.

Roberts, Oliver Brewster, Delta Upsilon.

Robinson, Dwight Parker, Pi Eta.

Rogers, Eliot Folger, Pi Eta.

Rose, William Kent, Pi Eta.

Sands, Benjamin Jerome, Delta Upsilon.

Sargent, Ara Nathaniel, 24 Hollis.

Slocum, Thomas Williams, Beck Hall.

Sloss, Marcus Cauffman, 5 Holyoke House.

Spencer, Charles Winthrop, Pi Eta.

Stearns, William Bramhall, Pi Eta.

Stevens, George, Agassiz Museum.

Sweeney, Arthur, Delta Upsilon.

Swinburne, Samuel Foster, Foxcroft Club.

Taylor, Kenneth Matheson, Gymnasium.

Thorndike, Sturgis Hooper, 22 Garden St.

Tilton, Benjamin Trowbridge, 22 Garden St.

Tyson, Russell, Gymnasium.

Vaughan, Henry Goodwin, 22 Garden St.

Walker, Charles Howard, 30 Matthews.

Watts, Samuel Hugh, Agassiz Museum.

Weed, Fred Denton, Weld Hall, after the Tree.

Weeks, Raymond Leslie, Delta Upsilon.

Weld, Richard Harding Jr., Gymnasium.

Wheelwright, George William Jr., 22 Garden St.

Wicks, Asaph Swift, Foxcroft Club.

Woods, Thomas Smith, Hasty Pudding Club.

The Hasty Pudding Club will spread at the club rooms on Holyoke St. after the exercises in Sanders Theatre.

The Gymnasium spread will be held immediately after the exercises in Sanders Theatre.

The Beck Hall spread will be held immediately after the exercises around the tree.

The spread at 22 Garden Street will be held immediately after the exercises around the tree.

The Agassiz Museum spread will be held immediately after the exercises around the tree.

The spread at 20 Prescott Street will be held after the exercises around the tree.

The Pi Eta Society will spread from six to eight in Massachusotts and receive in Thayer 41, 42, 43, 44, 60, 64, and Weld 18 and 40.

The Delta Upsilon will spread in University from five to seven.

President and Mrs. Eliot will receive from seven to nine Class Day Evening.

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