Fact and Rumor.

Dartmouth College has increased the salaries of her professors two hundred dollars each.

The three mile straightaway eightoared race between Bowdoin and Cornell will be rowed at Ithaca on June 18.

The score of the Harvard-Yale game on Saturday was 9 to 8, according to Rule 22 of the National Base Ball Playing Rules.

In the scrub series Morrill Dunn's nine defeated the Idlers yesterday by a score of 5 to 3. A protest was made by the Idlers, but disallowed by the base ball management. The game between the Waverleys and the Foxcrofts was postponed till tomorrow.

Dohm has won twenty-five first prizes, three second, and three third prizes.

The Yale nine will play its postponed game with Amherst Saturday. June 10 the nine will paly Brown at Providence.

G. W. Lee, the winner of the tennis tournament and Tallant, the college tennis champion, will play an exhibition match on Jarvis Field, at 9 o'clock this morning.

The Babylonian explorers who were sent out last year by the University of Pennsylvania, have secured 3000 tablets. which will soon be brought back to the university.

To the student passing the best entrance examination to the School of Arts, the trustees of Columbia College will give a free scholarship for the course of four years.

The make-up examination in English A will be held June 6 in Dane Hall. In N. H. 4 the make-up examination will be held June 19 in Room 2 on the first floor of the Museum.