The Advocate.

The current Advocate might well be called a "special number." Every contribution it contains is by a special student. Nathaniel Stephenson signs two bits of verse: "Poetry a la Mode" and "At the River," one a clever little skit, the other picturesquely attractive and both daintily finished.

"A Scrap of Purple Ribbon" has the artistic device, well worked, of exciting the reader's curiosity to a lively pitch, but the incidents are rather ineffective and the result disappointing. The author could have told his story more impressively in half as many words.

"A Tale of the Barracks" is a slight sketch with introduction disproportionately elaborate. We think we are entering upon a gallery of pictures and find nothing but a small water color sketch.

"To Kalon" is a pleasing sonnet, The author's work is steadily improving.

The Week pays a grateful tribute to the services and characters of the preachers for the coming year. Mention is made, with comments, of the action by the overseers in establishing the University Council and separate governing boards. The other editorial paragraphs touch on the Yale and Mott Haven games, the freshman victory and the cricket club.