The Delphi Fund.

To the Subscriber to the Harvard Fund:

The whole amount which the Institute of Archaeology desired to raise for the Delphi excavation has not yet been secured. The Greek government has, however, granted a further extension of time, and Dr. Waldstein, director of the school at Athens, intends to come over to America this summer for the purpose of taking measures to complete the subscription. It is confidently expected that his efforts will be successful.

The subscriptions to the Harvard fund were made on condition of the whole sum being raised by June 1. The committee, however, do not doubt that the subscribers will willingly allow the sums subscribed to stand over till the autumn, when they will doubtless be called for. But as a number of the subscribers are seniors, or students who may not be in Cambridge next autumn, the committee request such persons to send their subscriptions in cash or check to the chairman this month without further notice, on condition that the sums paid will be refounded in the autumn in case the whole amount needed is not subscribed.

M. H. MORGAN, Chairman, Hubbard Park, Cambridge.