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The North American Review.


The North American Review for June inclines to something like frivolity. Mrs. Sherwood's "American Girls in Europe" is decidedly of that order, and Ouida's garden chat does not rise far above it.

"Mr. Balfour's Land Bill," by Mr. Parnell, is the ballast of the number. In it the Home Ruler shows that the measure is totally insufficeint for relief, in that it will not reach one out of four Irish tenants, and that it would benefit a large number of tenants who hire but do not occupy farms, and use them only for grazing purposes. According to Mr. Parnell, the measure selects absentee owners for favored treatment, while it compels the real tenant to buy his land at an inflated price.

"The Federal Control of Elections" is treated by Speaker Reed, who points out that in federal elections the citizen votes, not as a citizen of a state, but as one of the people of the United States. He maintains that therefore such elections should be subject to the supervision of the national government.

"Do Americans Hate England?" is a symposium of several well known men, of whom Col. Higginson and Andrew Carnegie are to the fore. The consensus of opinion is that America does not hate England. The one or two who take the ground that it does, only repeat the reasons for so doing so thoroughly disposed of by Goldwin Smith.

Mona Caird writes of the "Emancipation of Family" in a sort of big bowwow style, resulting in very little of worth to the question. "Criminal Politics," by the editor of the Evening Post, is daringly outspoken-a broom to raise much dust. The Tariff Discussion is continued by Major McKinley, and Felix L. Oswald is among the contributors to the "Notes and Comments."

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