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Harvard, 102; Longwood, 35.


The cricket eleven won its most creditable game of the year from Longwood Saturday. After losing three of its best men for 5 runs the rest of the men played a very steady game. Sullivan, Frost, Skinner and Crowninshield being the highest contributors to the respectable total of 54. The majority of the men played Wright's fast balls in a way that augurs well for the game with Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Longwood went to the bat confident of victory, but Garrett's suburb bowling, backed by excellent fielding, was too muchfor them, and they were disposed of for only 24. The remainder of the game was played under the American plan, and Harvard made a substantial increase in her lead, mainly owing to the careful batting of Skinner and Garrett, while Longwood's batting was even weaker than in the first inning. Following is the score:


First inning-

Mudie, run out. 0

L. Mansfield, b Garrett. 0

Bixby, c Sullivan, b Garrett. 0

Caton, b Garrett. 2

G. Wright, c Sullivan, b Brown. 3

S. Wright, b Garrett. 7

Tyler, c Crowninshield, b Brown. 5

Cracknell, b Garrett. 0

G. T. Keyes, b Garrett. 1

G. Wells, not out. 1

F. Mansfield, b Brown. 3

Extras. 2

Total. 24

Second inning-

Mudie, b Garrett. 0

Caton, c Hewes, b Brown. 1

L. Mansfield, c Crowninshield, b Hewes. 0

G. Wright, c Brown, b Garrett. 0

Bixby, c Sullivan, b Hewes. 4

S. Wright, b Balch. 6

Wells, not out. 0

Total. 11


First inning-

S. E. Carpenter, b Cracknell. 0

A. C. Garrett, b Cracknell. 0

R. D. Brown, b Cracknell. 3

L. Sullivan, c Keyes, b Cracknell. 9

T. W. Balch, b Wright. 5

J. A. Parker, b Wright. 0

S. A. M. Skinner, c Thomas, b Wright, 8

W. MacVeagh, c and b Wright. 0

R. W. Frost, c Keyes, b Wright. 7

F. B. Crowninshield, c Mansfield, b

Mudie. 15

H. F. Hewes, not out. 0

Extras. 7

Total. 54

Second inning-

R. D. Brown, c Tyler, b Cracknell. 0

A. C. Garrett, c Bixby, b Tyler. 10

S. A. M. Skinner, b Wright. 14

S. E. Carpenter, lbw, Wright. 6

F. B. Crowninshield, run out. 4

L. Sullivan, not out. 9

R. W. Frost, b Tyler. 0

Extras. 5

Total. 48

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