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The fifth annual championship meeting of the Inter-Scholastic Athletic Association was held on Holmes Field Saturday afternoon. All the conditions were favorable to good performances, and new records were established in ten of the thirteen events. The contest for the cup wasvery close between Hopkinson's School, the Roxbury Latin School and Worcester Academy. It looked at first as though Worcester would retain the cup another year; but the Hopkinson team proved unexpectedly strong and in the end won with a score of forty points.

In the first event on the program, the 120 yard hurdle race, W. Hoag, R. L., won the first trial heat in 20 3-5 sec. with B. Wells, R. L., second; the second trial heat was won by J. Heard, H. in 20 1-5 sec., with W. Cutler, W. A., second. The final heat was a beautiful race between Heard and Hoag, and was won by the former in 18 sec., lowering the record two seconds; W. A. Cutler, W. A., was third.

In putting the shot, H. W. Parker, W. A., established a new record by a throw of 32 ft. 6 in.; second, Adams, W. A., 31 ft. 7 1-2 in.; third, Shea, B. L. 31 ft. 6 1-2 in.

The one mile bicycle race was a pretty contest from start to finish. It was won by C. A. Fenner, W. A., who lowered the record from 3m. 16 1-5s., to 3m. 3-5s.; second, F. L. Olmstead, R. L.; third, J. R. Kimball, R. L.

In the quarter mile run, Brewer, H., won as he pleased in 54 1-5 sec., and he could have run it in less time; as it was he lowered the record a half second. H. M. Wheelright, R. L., was second, and C. D. Cook, W. A., third.

The 100 yards dash was won by Sherwin, R. L., in 10 3-5 sec., with Dove, H., second. E. J. Starr, W. A., was disqualified for fouling Dove.

The running high jump was also won by Sherwin, R. L., who cleared 5 ft, 5 in., falling a little short of last year's record. Kiggins, W. A., was second, 5 ft. 4 1-4 in., and Williams, Ni, third, 5 ft. 3 3-8 in.

The mile walk was another pretty contest. P. G. Bell, who won it, lowered the inter-scholastic record twenty-two seconds, covering the distance in 7 m. 56 2-5 sec.; second, C. Williams, W. A.; third, R. Morgan, W. A.

E. Rice, W. A., threw the base ball 349 ft. 6 in., adding 15 ft. 6 in. to the record. Second, C. Ellis, W. A., 315 ft. 11 in.; third, W. Hoag, R. L., 303 ft. 4 in.

The hammer was won by E. P. Saltonstall, H., by a throw of 84 ft. 4 in.; second, E. A. Durand, W. A., 82 ft. 5 in.; third, W. Hoag, R. L., 79 ft. 9 in.

C. Brewer, H., won the running broad jump, and established a new record, clearing 21 ft. 6 in.; second, W. Hoag, R. L., 20 ft. 8 in.; third, J. Dove, H., 20 ft. 4 1-2 in.

Brewer also won the next event, the 220 yards hurdle, in the record-breaking time of 23 2-5 sec.; second, J. Heard, H.; third, Sherwin, R. L., who made a good race, considering that he lost one of his shoes at the start.

The half mile run was a plucky contest, and was won by A. Howland, H., in 2 m. 10 1-5 sec., knocking 2 4-5 sec. off the old record. Batchelder, R. L., was second, and Cook, W. A., third.

The last event, the pole vault, was won by Sherwin, R. L., who cleared 9 ft, 6 3-4 in.; Curry, Ni., was second, and Wheelwright, R. L., third.

The following table of points won by each of the competing teams is interesting:

1st. 2d. 3d. T't'l

Hopkinson's 7 2 1 40

Roxbury Latin 3 5 5 30

Worcester Academy 3 5 4 29

Nichols 0 1 1 3

Boston Latin 0 0 1 1

In counting points, first place counts 5, second 2, third 1.

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