Fact and Rumor.

R. S. Eale has been appointed manager of the senior foot ball team.

The Institute of Technology opens today with a total of more than 950 students.

J. Smith, Jr., '92, has been chosen manager of the University eleven in place J. W. Mariner, '91, resigned.

Quite a number of Harvard men took part in the Plymouth County tennis tournament, held at Bridgewater, Mass., last week. W. L. Jennings, gr., won the first prize.

Prof. T. W. Putnam has been in Ohio all summer, in the Little Miami Valley, investigating the prehistoric remains to be found there. He is said to have obtained some very interesting and valuable results.


Two new prizes in English have been recently established at Princeton by the class of '70. The income of $1000 will be given to that member of the Sophomore class, who at the close of the Sophomore year, shall pass the best examination in the English studies of the year; of the income of $1500, one half will be given to the best Anglo-Saxon scholar and one half to the best English Literature scholar of the Junior class,

The entries for the Longwood Tennis Tournament, which begins today are as follows:

Singles-F. H. Hovey, Hugh Tallant, George W. Lee, H. M. Hale, George Brown, Jr., Q. A. Shaw, Jr., S. T. Chase, Francis Blake and Percy Manchester, all of Harvard; E. Wrenn and J. B. Reed of Cambridge; D. K. Snow George Smith, P. E. Presbrey, A. L. Ripley and F. S. Mansfield of the Longwood Club; A. F. Fuller and A. S. Hill of All For Lawn Tennis Club; L. H. Rogers and C. Waterhouse of Brookline; George Crocker of Fitchburg; H. G. Bixby of Nashua; B. E. Mitchell, H. T. Allen, W. C. Bailey, Jr., W. C. Eaton, S. L. Butler.

Doubles-Hovey and Tallant, Smith and Manchester, D. Snow and partner Shaw and Chase.