Skating Carnival.

The New England Skating Association has arranged for a grand carnival on Spy Pond Arlington, Jan. 17. 1891, when the following contests will take place:

1. Five mile race, open; 2 Two mile. open; 3. 220 yards. open; 4. One-half mile backward, open; 5. One mile Mass chusetts championship; 6. Hurdle race, New England only: 7. Potato race, open to boys under 20 years old; 8. Boys' race, open to all under 15 years old; 9. Figure skating contest.

In events 1. 2 and 3 an entrance fee of 50 cents and invents 5 and 9 a fee of $1.00, will be charged; there will be no fee in the other events. Entries should be made at once to G. B. Adams, 10 Shepard Street, Cambridge; entries close today.

If postponed on account of unsuitable weather the contests will take place on the first favorable Saturday afternoon following. The N. E. S. A. is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union. and only amateurs will be allowed to compete. The carnival is run solely in the interest of skating, no admission being charged to spectators.

Harvard has entered a polo team under D an as Captain, to play the B A. A. team, and it is also hoped that the Harvard men will take an interest in the races, since any man accounted a fair skater will have a chance to win. The association solicits the co-operation of all who are interested in skating: dues $1.00 per year. The Arlington Boat Club House will be at the disposal of members of the association and lady friends during the carnival. This cosy club house is situated on the shores of the pond, is heated by steam, and affords a fine opportunity to view the events from windows and balcony.


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