The Exeter Catalogue.

The Philips Exeter Academy catalogue for the year 1890-91 has just made its appearance. The familiar blue cover bearing the seal of the Academy is unchanged, and the time page announces the one hundred and eighth year of the school.

There is one new name in the list of trustees and factory-that of the new principal. Cuarles Everett Fish, A. B. Mr. John E. Gardner of Exeter has been elected treasurer and now fills that position.

A page devoted to "Course of Study is an innovation and announces that candidates for college are prepared in any of the common matter that is that advanced courses are now offered in Latin, Greek, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, French and German, corresponding to freshmen courses in college. A student is allowed however to make such a combination of studies as best suits his needs. The English course has been lengthened and at present extends through four years.

The price of tuition has been raised and changed so that now the instruction is $30 for the fall term. $25 for the winner term, and $20 for the spring term. In addition to this a gymnasium fee of $2 is required of all, making the total cost of tuition amount to $77 instead of the original $66.

Fifty-four scholarships are available this year, amounting in the aggregate to nearly five thousand dollars. In addition to this sum as much as thirty-six hundred dollars is available to cover the expense of tuition remained. During the past year over nine thousand dollars was given to deserving students, and the expense of maintaining the school in excess of the receipts for tuition amounted to thirteen thousand dollars. This sum was borne by the income from the general funds of the academy.


Forwards the end is a description of the Physical Laboratory and of the Chemical Laboratory. Bo li of these buildings are of brick and are supplied with gas and steam throughout. The latter is fire-proof.

The Academy now has a total membership of 350 238 in the classical course and 118 in the English. This is a gain of eleven over last year. The representation is very general and among the places represented are Bulgania, Trinidad and all parts of the United States.

The last page of the catalogue is devoted to the calendar and announcement of the meeting of the trustees, which take place every other month.