Senior Crew.

The seniors are rowing every day in the gymnasium. The work consists of sitting half an hour on the seats in the rowing room and swinging back and forth with their hands on their chests trying to master the elementary body motions. Besides this, the men run a short distance beyond Porter's station every day and go through some dumb-bell exercise. The rowing is of such a character that nothing can be said of it by way of criticism. Several of the men who rowed in last year's crew will no doubt begin in the spring but only two old men have turned up yet. Longworth, Tallant and Finlay will probably not row; Fitzhugh is rowing with the 'varsity, Parker and Randol are rowing occasionally, and Shaw and Blanchard have not begun work yet. The men are rowing as follows:

1st Crew, Cohen, Stroke.

Bumpus, 7

Stickney, 6

Marsh, 5

Bass, 4

Rhinelander, 3

McLeod, 2

Harris, Bow.

Other men are Smith, Walker, J. A. Parker, Keene and Williams. S. D. Parker, Randol and Woodworth are among the candidates but do not row regularly. A. J. Garcean is manager of the crew and he desires to urge the seniors to subscribe liberally to the support of the crew in order that it may have every advantage possible in the work for the class races.