FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- Trial for candidates tonight at 7 in 4 Thayer (middle entry, ground floor.)

LOST.- Near the corner of Holyoke and Harvard Streets, a left-hand sealskin glove. Please leave at Leavitt and Peirce's.

THE results of all games in the preliminary round of the Chess Tournament must be handed in before tomorrow, (Wednesday) night, or they cannot be counted.

COMMITTEE.HARVARD UNION.- The next meeting of the Society will be on January 8th. Subject for debate, Resolved, That the McKinley Bill should be repealed. Election of officers before the debate.

'91 CREW.- All candidates for the Senior Crew will meet in the Trophy Room of the Gymnasium on Tuesday, January 6th at 7 p. m.

S. D. PARKER, Capt.76-2t.

H. A. A.- All candidates for the Mott Haven team will meet at the gymnasium this afternoon at 4.15 to begin regular work.

E. C. MOEN, Capt.FRESHMAN CREW.- All men trying for the crew will be at the gymnasium dressed to row at 4.30 sharp.