The Mott Haven Team.

The candidates for the Mott Haven Team under Capt. Moen met yesterday afternoon. They will be divided into squads and will begin work today. The following men from last year's team will go into training: G. R. Fearing '93, G. Lowell '92, T. J. Stead '91, O. K. Hawes '92, C. R. Bardeen '93, J. P. Lee '91, A. M. White '92, W. H. Wright '92, P. W. Davis '93, R. H. Davis '91, G. L. Batchelder '92, J. Hale Jr. '92, A. H. Green '92, S. H. Evins, L. S. S., S. V. R. Crosby '91.

E. B. Bloss '94, F. F. Carr M. S., R. S. Hale '91, have all good records and will probably made a good showing.

The other candidates are-sprinting: W. H. Cary '94, H. L. Flint '93, W. H. Maynard '93, G. S. Whiteside '94, G. B. Rugg '94, B. Wells '94, J. Corbin '92, W. C. Nichols '93, C. C. Baldwin '93, A. E. Burr '91, D. Hoadley '93, J. O. Powers '91, E. S. Mullins '93, C. T. Keller '94, G. C. Niles '94, J. C. Howard '94, G. F. Brown '92, T. C. Smith '92, H. G. Hochstadter '93, W. T. Baker '93, F. W. McNear '91, S. V. R. Thayer '93, W. L. Thompson '93, J. S. Cook, Sp., S. Wells '91, E. M. Moore '91, G. W. Priest '91, W. F. Gratwick 92, S. V. Rothschild '91.

Long distance running: J. Manley '93, J. O. Nichols L. S., G. F. Rouillard '94, E. White '92, C. H. Page Gr., C. Blake '92, F. E. Stetson '92, M. L. Sand '94, G. Collamore '93.

Two mile bicycle race: F. L. Olmstead '94, T. Barron '91, G. F. Taylor '94, F. S. Pratt '94.

Mile walk: S. C. Brackett '91, J. H. Bell '91, A. L. Endicott '94.

Hurdle race: K. Brown '91, F. Allen '92.

Pole vault: H. M. Wheelwright '94, W. E. Kent, Sp., W. Phinney '91, A. S. Walcott '91.

Shot and hammer: J. R. Finlay '91.

Broad jump and running: O. W. Shead '93.

Broad jump and hurdles: T. Richardson, Sp.

Sprinting, jumping and pole vault: T. E. Sherwin '94.

Many of the men classified under sprinting are also candidates for other events.