Boston Mission Work.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

Perhaps the college world would be interested in knowing that the Theatre Services which were held last winter in the Grand Opera House, Boston, will be begun for the second season in the same theatre next Sunday evening at 7 o'clock.

Although we are prevented by the expense from making these services permanent or even continuing them as long as we wish, we are endeavoring to introduce into them some of the ordered consecutiveness of regular religious services. At the head of our printed list of hymns stands the following: "Do you want to speak to the clergyman about your personal religious life? Do you want your sick visited? Do you want your sick visited? Do you want your children baptised? Do you want your dead buried with Christian burial? Are you in trouble? Give your name and address to an usher."

Mr. Herman Page of the Episcopal Divinity School will be present every Sunday evening to assist in conducting the services, to become acquainted as far as possible with the people who attend, and to receive requests for assistance in response to the notice mentioned. Rev. F. B. Allen, superintendent of the Episcopal City Mission will preach on the fourth Sunday, and I shall preach on the second Sunday of each month. On the remaining Sundays Dr. Brooks and others will preach. In this way we hope to provide for the pastoral needs these people may have; to give them twice a month familiar faces, so that they may regard these clergymen, in a way, belonging to them; and also to furnish them with the ablest preachers who can be obtained from without.

Any Harvard students who are willing to assist in the singing, will be welcomed by Mr. Herman Page.


No singer, usher, or clergyman, connected with the services, receives any salary or fee. The expenses, which are large, are wholly for rent, music and advertising. Contributions to meet these expenses may be sent to the treasurer. Mr. Joseph F. Woods, 29 Harrison Ave. Extension, Boston.

Truly yours, FREDFRIC PALMER.Andover, Mass., Jan. 7, 1891.