Fact and Rumor.

The mid-year examination in History 11 will cover the period of the Thirty Years War, and English History from the accession of James I to 1649.

Nanon, which French I has just begun must be finished before the mid-years.

The U. of P. will hold an athletic exhibition in Philadelphia during this month.

Professor Josiah Royce has an article in the opening number of the new Educational Review on the subject "Is there a Science of Education?"

A Harvard Club was formed during the vacation at Milwaukee, Wis., of which J. W. Mariner, '91, and W. K. Flint, '91, were chosed undergraduate directors.


Geman A will begin new books on Friday; Dr. Poll's division will commence "Der Zerbrocken Krug" and Mr. Nichols' division "Der Zwerg Mase."

The annual catalogue and reports of the President and Treasurer will be sent to graduates who desire them. 1,700 of the catalogues have thus far been sent out.