LOST.- A card case with owner's cards and a few other articles in it. Finder will please leave at Leavitt and Peirce's.

'91 CREW.- The Senior crew will row at 4 today instead of 4.30.

S. D. PARKER.THE ten collectors from the Sophomore class for the university crew are requested to meet in 4 Grays at 7 p. m. this evening to make their final report.

THE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- Rev. Brooke Herford will address the association this evening in Lawrence Hall, at 7.30. All are cordially invited.

ENGLISH A; Sections 4 and 5. Please bring Hill's Rhetoric at the third hour today.


H. B. LATHROP.H. A. A.- The Mott Haven candidates will be divided into two squads this afternoon and hereafter; one squad beginning work at 4.15, the other at 4.30. A man may come at whichever time is most convenient for him. There will be practice for both of these squads, just the same as for the men working in the morning.