Harvard Athletic Association Meeting.

We regret to say that by an oversight the account of the H. A. A. Meeting was omitted in yesterday's publication.

The meeting was called to order by J. H. Hunt '92, treasurer of the association. The secretary read a letter from President Moen '91, who suggested among other things that there be only two winter meetings, and that the offices of president of the association and captain of the Mott Haven team be held by separate men.

The treasurer's report showed that the finances of the association were fairly well off. The receipts for the past year have been $3,863 88, as compared with the expenditures of $3,846 27; this leaves a balance of $17 61. Out of this must be paid $230 for medals for men who had broken records: moreover there is an old debt of $630.85 standing over from last year. In addition to this deot there is a possible debt of $500 due as the association's share of the expenses of the general training table. To meet a part of these expenses the treasurer suggested the method adopted last year of raising money by subscriptions. The need of subscriptions is even greater this year than last, on account of the change in the place where the University Track Athletic Cup games will be held. Last year the association received about $450 owing to the games being held in Cambridge. This year the games are to be held in New York, and the association will have to bear the heavy travelling expenses incurred by the team.

The meeting proceeded to the election of officers, the result being J. H. Hunt '92, president; J. H. Rhoades '92, vice-president; C. R. Bardeen '93, treasurer; and R. B. Beals '94, secretary.