Today's Game.

Harvard's fourth game will be played this afternoon against the Massachusetts institute of Technology. The team which will represent Harvard is one of the strongest which she can present, except that Haliowell will not be able to play. Technology will also present a plucky team. It is light, but it is expected to put up a hard game. The team will probably be the same one which defeated Exeter 16 to 4.

The probable make up of the teams will be as follows:


Emmons, l. e. Gilbert.

D. W. Shea, l. t. Johnson.

Vail, l. g. Beattie.

Bangs. c. Harvey.

Rantoul, r. g. Morse.

Newell, r. t. Clinton.

Coilamore, r. e. Kales.

Gage, 1-4 b. Clark.

Gray, 1-2 Jacobs.

Lake, b. Dearborn.

Trafford. f. b. Batchelder.

Harvard substitutes: Miller, Pierce, Grant, Berry, Steedman, Burgess, McNear, Oppenheim, Davis.