Foot Ball.

A very slight improvement in the general play was to be seen in the foot ball practice yesterday. The first eleven was made up with Hallowell, right-end; Newell, Highlands, W. H. Shea, Heard, Fitzhugh, Bond; Cobb, quarter-back; Fearing and Lake, half-backs; Trafford. full-back. Cranston gave a great deal of attention to Shea at centre. He and Bangs had a lively time of it all through the practice. Fitzhugh took a big brace at left tackle and made a good showing. Bond also has improved, and against Mason yesterday did good work. Cobb at quarter-back tackles well, but is a very slow runner, in blocking off for the backs.

Fearing and Lake both made good rushes and Lake scored around the end more than once. Gray, Corbett and Robb were the three backs on the second eleven, with Gage at quarter. They all managed to find some holes in the 'varsity line, and went rather frequently between Shea and Heard.

All the men on both 'varsity and second eleven are careless, apt to fumble the ball, and at times almost lifeless. The point wherein they have made the most improvement is blocking off.

Vail. Emmons and Waters who are all more or less laid up with bruises and wrenches, will be out Monday for practice. It is feared that D. W. Shea '94, who hurt his knee very badly in the Williams game, will not be out again this season.

This afternoon Harvard will play her second game of the season with Amherst on Jarvis field. Since the last game, which Harvard won 18 0. Amherst has been working very hard under the coaching of Dean, and is said to have made great improvement, especially in the work of the rush line. It will be remembered that in the last Amherst game the Amherst line showed up well and made some large holes in Harvard's line; today they expect to make a still better showing.


The teams will line up as follows:


Bond, (left-end) Griswold.

Fitzhugh, (tackle) Baldwin.

Heard, (guard) Hess.

Shea, (centre) Lewis.

Highlands, (guard) Penney.

Newell, (tackle) Alexander.

Hallowell. (right- e d) G. Raiey.

Cobb, (quarter-back) H. L. Pratt.

Lake, (half backs) Ewing.

Fearing, (half backs) Jackson.

Trafford, (full-back) G. Pratt.

The game will be called at 2.30.