Ninety-two vs. Ninety-three.

The game between Ninety-two and Ninety three on Norton's Field yesterday afternoon resulted in a tie, each team scoring twelve points. The two elevens on the who e played very good foot ball, although there was very little team work Time was called at 4 o'clock, Ninety-three having the ball and the northern end of the field. They started with a V, which was very well stopped by Ninety-two, and Weed got the ball in the scrimmage, Green goes around the right end and gains fifteen yards before he is forced out. The ball was brought in fifteen yards and after Green had gained five yards more the ball went to Ninety three on four downs. Parker gains twenty yards around left end and Thatcher five more through centre; Ninety-two again gets the ball and Forbes is forced to punt, Newell getting the ball on Ninety three's twenty-five yard line. Green rushed for ten yards and Ninety two came very near scoring, but Ninety-three gets the ball and rushes it gradually down to the centre of the field. The play continued in the centre of the field for quite a while, each eleven having the ball several times. At last Ninety-three rushes the bill towards Ninety two's goal and in their turn come very near scoring. Ninety-two gets the ball on her five-yard line and Forbes punts Weed and Gray both fall on the ball and Gray is hurt so badly that he has to leave the field. Spalding takes his place. Ninety-two now rushed the ball right up the field, and after Weed, Forbes and Cook had each made good runs. Green scores the first touch down of the game and Forbes kicks the goal. Score, Ninety-two 6; Ninety-three 0. Ninety-three brought the ball out but only made one rush when time was called.

In the second half Ninety-two started in and by repeated gains they scored a touch down without having lost the ball once from the first V. Cook made the touch-down and Forbes again kicked a goal. Score, Ninety-two 12; Ninety three 0. From the V Ninety-three gains two yards; then Parker gets three, and they get five more for off-side play by Ninety-two. Then Parker and Chew gain, but Ninety-two gets the ball very near her goal line. Forbes fails to catch Lockett's pass and the ball rolls over the line and Stevens falls on it, thus scoring a touch-down for Ninety-three from which Duffield kicks a goal. Score, Ninety-two 12; Ninety-three 6.

Ninety two started with a V, but after a few rushes Ninety-three gets the ball on four downs. Thatcher here makes the longest run, going over forty yards before he was downed. Ninety-three continues to rush the ball up the field, and at last Ellsworth scores a touch down. Goal by Duffield. Score, Ninety-two 12; Ninety-three 12. They start again in the centre and Newell is hurt, G. McKay taking his place. Weed is disqualified for rough play, and Greenough goes in to play. Time is called a short time after this with the ball in Ninety-two's territory.

The elevens lined up as follows:


Gray, (left end) Chew.

Spaulding, (left end) Chew.

Weed, (left tackle) Cary.

Greenough, (left tackle) Cary.

Jones, (left guard) Broughton.

Walcott, (centre) Winslow

Newell. (right guard) Rogers.

G. McKay, (right guard) Rogers.

Hubbard, (right tackle) Ellsworth.

Putnam, (capt.) (right end) Dibblee.

Lockett, (quarter back) Stevens

Cook, (right h. b.) Parker, (capt).

Green, (left h. b.) Thatcher.

Forbes, (full-back) Duffield.

Time, 2 half hour halves. Umpire, Saxe, Law School. Referee, Bass, L. S.