Tennis Tournament.

Hoppin Wins the Singles.

The last set of the finals in the singles was played yesterday and the result is that T. Hoppin '93, is the winner of the tournament. It will be remembered that two sets in the final match were played before, both of which were won by Hoppin. The third set was in progress when it was stopped on account of rain. Consequently but one set was played yesterday.

Neither of the men played a very brilliant game although some of the points were very prettily won. There was almost no "smashing" done. Orcutt seemed to have lost a good deal of confidence; he made very few hard drives and gave Hoppin several chances to place the ball where he chose. Hoppin played a strong, steady game, making most of his points by good placing.

The first set went to Orcutt with 15 for Hoppin. Hoppin won the next four games, the first game lone, and the other three with 15.30 and 15 points for Orcutt. The next game went to Orcutt with 15 for Hoppin. Here the games stood 4 to 2 in Hoppin's favor. Orcutt braced up, and only lost the game after deuce had been called twice; but on the last game he weakened and Hoppin won the game love. This gave Hoppin the set 6-2. Hoppin has a clean record, not having lost a set during the whole tournament.

The men left to play for second prizes Ward 92. Hunt '92. Gould '93. Lambert '95, Ewing, L. S., and Orcutt '92.

The finals in doubles will be played today at 2.30. The contestants are W. D. Orcutt '92 and G. F. Brown '92, against J. B. Reed '95 and F. B. Winslow '95.