'Varsity Practice.

The playing on Jarvis Field yesterday afternoon was much interrupted and broken, but it had interest from the fact that ex-Captain Cumnock was on the field for this year to coach the eleven. P. D. Trafford was also one of the coachers. He gave his attention to the guards, while Cumnock looked out for the tackles and ends. Emmons at left tackle and Mason at left end both received a good deal of attention from him and their work improved in some points, even in the short-time for practice. Mr. Adams, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Lathrop were also on the field to coach. The practice was interrupted constantly to give the men a chance to coach the men individually. Consequently the play was not intensely interesting, but when the men finally did some work they showed more shap than usual. Shea, however, at centre, continues to be pain fully slow, and his two guards follow his example. The teams yesterday played as follows:


Mason, (left-end) Collamore.

Emmons, (left-tackle) Fitzhugh.

Vail, (left-guard) Heard.

Shea, (centre) Bangs.

Highlands, (right-guard) Mackie.

Newell, (right-tackle) Grant.

Hallowell, (right-end) Bond.

Cobb, (quarter-back) Gage.

Lake, (half-backs) White.

Grey, (half-backs) McNear.

Trafford, (full-back) Corbett.

S. Dexter, L. S., who was a good centre man two years ago, will come out to play as soon as he can get into condition. His weight is over two hundred pounds.