Finals in Doubles.

The only tennis match played yesterday was the finals in doubles, G. F. Brown, Jr., '92 and W. D. Orcutt '92 vs. J. B. Reed '95 and F. B. Winslow '95. The freshman pair started out with a rush, and by careful steady playing easily won the first set 6-1. As will be seen by the score given below they lost the majority of their points by the placing of their opponents. In the second set Reed and Winslow drove more balls out of court and into the net than in the former set, yet again won easily. 6-2. With the score of sets two love against them, Brown and Orcutt braced. They played with a great deal of confidence, while Reed and Winslow grew careless. driving many balls into the net and out of court. The result was that the senior pair won, 6 0. Again in the fourth set the seniors set two fast a pace for their opponents and won handily by a score of 6-2. The fifth and decisive set was played amidst a good deal of enthusiasm, but Brown and Orcutt proved their superiority by winning 6 1.

The referee was the official scorer of the U. S. N. L. T. A., Mr. Jas. F. Whittelsey. The line men were Chase '95, Lyman '95, Hoppin '93, and Carter '94.

Below is given the score in detail:


B. & O. R. & W.


Placed balls by opp., 7 11

Drives into net, 15 5

Drives out of court, 6 2

Double faults, 1 0

- -

Total points lost, 29 18


B. & O. R. & W.

Placed balls by opp., 18 11

Drives into net, 9 10