UNIVERSITY CREW. - All candidates not playing foot ball will meet in the rowing room dressed to row at 4.15.

G. H. KELTON, Capt.YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. - All members of the University are invited to attend the devotional exercises held each Sunday evening at 6.30 at the rooms in the Lawrence Scientific School.

WILLIAM C. DAMON,Rec. Secretary.THE following men be in front of Leavitt & Peirce's at eleven to go to Groton: Spalding, Weed, Jones, Walcott, McKay, Watriss, Loring, Lockett, Green, Greenough, Cooke, Forbes, Pinkham.

J. L. PUTNAM, Capt.'94 ELEVEN. - Men must be on Norton's at 2.30 sharp.

THE hour examination in French 1b will be held in Upper Mass. at 9 o'clock.


ROBERT SANDERSON.'93 ELEVEN. - Dibblee, Chew, Winsor, Ellsworth, Falk, Slade, Broughton, Rogers. Winslow, Jackson, Stevens, Fairchild. Thatcher Duffield be dressed to see first half of 'varsity game and play afterwards.

J. H. PARKER.'VARSITY NOTICE. - The following men must be at the Cary building dressed for play at 2.40 sharp: Emmons, Mason, Vail, Shea, Highlands, Newell, Hallowell, Cobb, Lake, Fearing, Trafford, Bond, Collamore, Rantoul, Fitzhugh. Berry, Heard, Gage, Gray, White, Bangs.

B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.'95 ELEVEN. - The following men must report at Bartlett's at 1.15 sharp ready to go to Andover: Wadsworth, Wardner, Eddy, Potter, Murchie, Davis, Richardson, Adams, Boyden, Kaven, Whithren, Wrenn, Reed, Jackson, Phelan, McNear and Teele.

R. L. WHITMAN,Temp. Captain.TENNIS NOTICE. - Drawings for second prize in doubles are as follows: Hallowell and Keep vs. Chase and Lyman; Ward and Gould vs. Read and Winslow. Single matches for second and consolation must be finished today.