Fact and Rumor.

Professor James is expected Saturday.

The first theme in Eng. B is due Oct. 13.

Poe will coach Princeton's eleven this year.

1,086 men have joined the Co-operative this year.

Perry Trafford '89 will coach the eleven this afternoon.


The freshmen began work on the tackling machine yesterday.

Hubbel, '94, has been reappointed manager of the '94 eleven.

Laboratory work in Physics 3 will not begin until next week.

Allen, '95, has been elected Captain of the Yale freshman eleven.

Sections for laboratory work in Physics C are posted in University.

Tremain, '93, has left college to enter the office of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

There are 1,262 students at Yale University. This is an increase of 134 over last year.

The B. A. A. cricket team defeated Harvard yesterday, at Longwood 130, two wickets to 53.

Keys to the history reading room may be obtained at Harvard 2 ever day, from 1:45 to 2:15 p. m.

Subject cards in English B must be deposited in the box outside Grays 18 before four o'clock today.