Foot Ball.

Harvard 17; Exeter 0.

Harvard scored only seventeen points in two twenty-minute halves against the Exeter Academy team yesterday afternoon. Exeter brought down a very good team. Her centre was very fairly strong and her whole rush line play was much quicker than Harvard's. The two backs, Thomas and Haradon, made some excellent rushes, and seemed to find little difficulty in going through the centre of Harvard's line and occasionally around the ends.

Harvard played a rushing game throughout, and at this Gray did some excellent work. He starts off very quickly and keeps well on his feet. The play of Harvard's backs was the only thing that won the game, for the rush-line work was abomniably weak from start to finish. Newell and Emmons were the only men who played in anything like 'varsity form. The ends were very slow in getting down on the ball, and Exeter's backs repeatedly went through the centre.

The teams lined up as follows:

Bond, (end) Linscott.

Newell, (tackle) Mayo.


Berry, (guard) Squires.

Shea, (centre) McIntosh.

Rantoul, (centre) McIntosh.

Vail, (guard) Booth.

Grant, (tackle) Haradon.

Emmons, (tackle) Lewis.

Collamore, (end) Conly.

Burgess, (quarter-back) Ramsay.

Lake, (half-backs) Matthews

Gray. (half-backs) (Haradon)