Statistics of the Freshman Class.

From a list of the freshman class already published the following statistics have been deduced. The list is not entirely correct as it contains only the names of 368 students and therefore the statistics are not perfectly accurate, but such as they are they will present some interesting facts to the reader.

The following list contains the numbers which eighteen of the leading fitting schools sent to the freshman class and also to those that prepared under private tutors. It will be noticed that these schools and tutors prepared just about two-thirds of the class and that those fitted by private tutors is a very small amount.

Boston Latin, 38

Private Tutor, 34

Phillips Exeter, 31


Cambridge Latin, 26

Hopkinson's, 17

Roxbury Latin, 12

Browne and Nichols, 11

St. Paul's. 9

Phillips Andover, 9

Newton High, 7

Dalzell's Worcester, 6

St. Mark's. 6

Somerville High, 6