Fact and Rumor.

132 men have applied for membership to the new Western Club.

The freshman eleven have been measured for their uniforms.

In the recent hour examinations in English A, 16 men received A, 72, B; 157, C; 151, D; and 64, E.

The Signet held their annual dinner at Young's Hotel last night, about forty graduates and undergraduates being present.

On October 7, without McClung and Morrison, Yale defeated practically the same Trinity team that played yesterday by a score of 36 to nothing. Trinity is said to have improved very little since that time.


Marks are out for the hour examination in Math. 2.

The hare and hound run of the B. A. A. will take place on Saturday instead of today, as announced in yesterday's paper.

A. Moffat, formerly of Princeton, will act as referee of the Harvard - Yale game, and S. V. Coffin, formerly of Wesleyan will be umpire.