Foot Ball.

Harvard 38; Trinity 0.

At Hampden Park, Springfield, yesterday afternoon Harvard defeated Trinity by a score of 38 to nothing. After the heavy rains the grounds were slippery, and it was very hard for the runners to get a start. The game was played part of the time in a pouring rain, and the few spectators consisted very largely of Yale men. Captain McClung, Heffelfinger and Hinckey of the Yale team saw the game, and their coaches, Corbin '89, Bull '89, Stagg '89, and several others were also on hand.

Harvard's game showed the same weaknesses which have marked her play throughout the last three weeks. The interference of the rush-line was miserable, especially during the first half, when the backs had to make a dash at the line without hope of any help. The Trinity men broke through easily and frequently downed the Harvard backs in their tracks. The consequence was that Harvard lost the ball time and again on four downs. In the second half Harvard played with more snap and blocked off to better advantage than in the first half, when Harvard scored only two touch downs altogether.

Trinity played a good game. She used the ordinary rushing half-back game very little, relying almost entirely on upon the "turtle-back" wedge which Stagg used so successfully, and upon an occasional kick. The wedge made its five yards through Harvard's centre with considerable frequency; but the general play of the centre men was a trifle stronger than it has been. At any rate they ought to have had enough experience in learning to stop the wedge.

As for the individual work of the men who have not played regularly before, Corbett made some pretty runs and blocked off well. Waters did nothing especially worthy of note. Mackie just about held his own against K. Hubbard who was the heaviest and strongest player on the Trinity team.

Harvard's work was wretchedly ineffective during the first half. For instance, upon a kick by Trafford, the ends and tackles followed the ball well and stood waiting for the Trinity full-back to touch the ball. He picked it up and by a clever turn passed by Hallowell's end, and with a comparatively clear field before him ran forty-five yards towards Harvard's goal, keeping just inside the line.


In bucking Trinity's line the Harvard back running with the ball was invariably sent ahead with the other backs to push. The ground was so slippery that the runner would very frequently tumble just at the line and all the backs on top of him. In the second half the "tandem" method was tried more successfully by sending one of the backs ahead of the runner. Trafford kicked occasionally to good advantage on the first or second down.

Harvard started off with the ball. Lake gained eight yards behind the V. Trafford could find no hole in the centre; but on the second down Lake got through between Emmons and Waters, gave a quick turn to the right, and though unaided by interference got through the Trinity eleven and scored. Goal.

For the rest of the half Harvard rushed hard, but her lack of team play and carelessness prevented much permanent advantage. Graves brought the ball up into Harvard's territory by his long rush by Hallowell's end. Harvard got it on four downs and worked it down the field to Trinity's five-yard line. Here, after a fumble or two and poor blocking by Harvard, the ball went to Trinity on four downs. Harvard got it again on a kick, rushed it up and Lake scored around the right end from the fifteen-yard line. Goal.

For the rest of the half Trinity made gains by the wedge through Harvard's centre, but lost the ball on fumbles. Harvard in turn lost the ball three times on four downs in the short time remaining. Score 12 to 0.

Fearing took Lake's place in the second half. Harvard's forwards played better and the scoring was more frequent. Once a Trinity man got through Harvard's line and by good blocking off ran to Harvard's five yard line where he dropped the ball. Therewith ended Trinity's chance to score.

Hallowell made the first touch down by an intercepted kick and a run of half the length of the field. Fearing made the second, and a few moments after Corbett the third. Trinity gained some with her wedge but was forced to kick and Harvard soon pushed Fearing across again. Corbett did not score the last touch down until a few moments before time called.

The teams lined up as follows:


Emmons, (left end) G. Hall.

Waters, (left tackle) Allen.

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