B. A. A. Game.

The game today with the B. A. A. Team ought to be the most interesting of the season next to the game at Springfield. A comparison of the work of Harvard and the B. A. A. against the same teams shows that the score will probably be close, for especially of late the B. A. A. team has been making scores against teams which Harvard has played, which have almost equalled those of Harvard. B. A. A. beat Exeter 36-12. Harvard beat Exeter 17 0. Both games were played early in the season. Andover beat B. A. A. 10-6. Harvard beat Andover 76-0. This is the only great difference in scores. B. A. A. beat Stagg's team 42-4. Harvard beat them in the last game 44.4. B. A. A. beat Trinity 24-0, while Harvard scored 38-0. The teams will line up as follows:


Emmons, (left-end) Clark.

Waters, (left-tackle) Houghton.

Dexter, (left-guard) Fennessy.


Bangs, (centre) Whitman.

Mackie, (right-guard) Kip.

Newell, (right-tackle) Waters.

Hallowell, (right-end) Linder.

Gage, (quarter-back) Beals.

Lake, (half-backs) Stickney.

(Fearing) (half-backs) Peters.

Corbett, (half-backs)

Trafford, (full-back) Boyden.