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Co-operative Society.


The annual meeting of the Co-operative Society was held last evening in Sever 11. In opening the meeting President Taussig spoke most favorably of the condition of the society and its prospects. The outlook for the coming year is very encouraging. Hitherto the society has never been able to close the year with all its bills paid, but last year this was done for the first time. The total capital of the society on the first of July, 1891, was $6,000; this fall it is $8.000. All this is the accumulation of the profits of previous years, due to the energy of the former president, Professor J. B. Ames.

Following is the business of the society for the past two years:


Total Business, $63,350 00

Total Expenses, $6,686 00

Members, 762

1890 91.

Total Business, $70 374 00

Expenses, $7,042 00

Members, 987

Net Profits, $5,353 00

Dividends. $2,800 00

Alterations, $600 00

Addition to Capital, $1, 953 00 $5,353 00

Business to Nov. 14, 1890, $24.905 00

Business to Nov. 14, 1891, $34,483 00

The following officers were elected: President, Professor F. W. Taussig; Secretary, C. H. Fiske '93; Directors, from the Faculty, Professor A. B. Hart; from the University at large, Dr. A. A. Howard, and one member to be appointed later by the Directors; from the Law School, G. H. Holliday, A. N. Hand: '92, A. H. Lockett: '93, S. C. Davis: '94, K. Smith: '95, W. W. Cutler.

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