Last Foot Ball Practice.

The 'varsity played its last practice game against the second eleven on Jarvis Field yesterday afternoon. There was a large attendance of students who cheered and applauded the playing very vigorously.

After some preliminary work on Norton's Field the eleven began practice on Jarvis about 3.30.

The teams lined up as follows:


Emmons, (left end) Collamore.

Waters, (left tackle) Mason.

Highlands, (left guard) Berry.

Bangs, (centre) Shea.

Mackie, (right guard) Rantoul.

Newell, (right tackle) Fitzhugh.

Hallowell, (right end) Bond.

Gage, (quarter-back) Cobb.

Lake. (half-backs) Garrison.

Corbett, (half-backs) Borden,

(half-backs) Blagden.

Trafford, (full-back) White.

The general work of the 'varsity was very good. The interference of the rushers was more effective than usual, and the defensive work was fairly strong. The forwards did not break through quickly enough and they showed a tendency to allow themselves to be blocked off. Gains were made by the second eleven backs through the left of the 'varsity line and once around its right end.

The offensive work of the team in breaking up the wedge was fairly good at the centre, though gains were occasionally made at that point. The most substantial gains for the second eleven were made by White who broke through the line of forwards more than once and got clear of all the rushers. Trafford and Corbett were both weak in their tackling and White got by both of them once and made a touch down after a long run. The 'varsity scored on the second eleven three times.

The teams played only about half an hour. Mr. Adams was the only one to coach and he confined himself to enlivening the team up. This afternoon the team will go through its signals and take a brisk run. Tomorrow they will leave for Springfield by the four o'clock train, B. & A. R. R.

The state of Dexter's knee cannot yet be definitely learned. Captain Trafford said last night that it was impossible to tell whether or not Dexter would play in the Yale game.