THERE will be a meeting of the CRIMSON Board tonight at 6.45. Every editor must be present.

'94 ELEVEN. - Following men must be on Norton's field at 3.45 sharp: Whitney, Williams, Blake, De Rochement, Davis, McDonald, Cones, Ladd, Weed, Cary, Gleason, Cabot, Garrison, Earle, Borden, Gardner, Harrison, Jackson, Hoag.

'93 ELEVEN. - Dibblee, Chew, Duffield, Thatcher, Winslow, and Stevens be on Nortons at 3.30 sharp. All the rest at 4 sharp.

J. H. PARKER.HARVARD ST. PAUL'S SCHOOL CLUB. - The first "smoker" of the year will be held on Thursday evening, Nov. 5th, at 7.30 at No. 16 Holyoke House. Members can obtain their shingles at the meeting. All former members of the School are invited.