'94 Wins the Championship.

On Norton's field yesterday afternoon the deciding game of the class foot ball championship series was played and won by the sophomores from the juniors by a score of 12 to 0.

An admission of 25 cents was charged and large crowds collected along the side lines; '93 taking the east and '94 the west side.

The game was one of the best played contests seen in Cambridge this year, Both teams played with snap and tackled sharply and hard. The juniors after their victory over '92 were generally considered sure winners, the only question being about the score. Since the freshman game '94, however, by hard work acquired a strong team play and got their men into such condition that they were able to cope with their stronger and heavier opponents. '93 played a hard and plucky game but were outplayed at all points. Blake and Williams the sophomore guards broke through continually and effectually stopped the play with the tackle and ends which '93 used against '92. Blake in particular gave an admirable exhibition of the foot ball a guard should play. The blocking of the '94 backs was good and they made repeated gains between tackle and end. Cabot ran the team with good judgment and passed well. G. Perry, L. S., umpired and H. Bates, '92 was referee.

The game began '94 with the ball. The wedge gained three yards but it was soon lost and '93 had an opportunity of trying their offensive play. After an attempt to gain through tackle and left end had failed the tackles and ends were called back and the wedge which had been so effectual against the seniors was tried. The whole '94 team came into the play and the '93 made no gain. Duffield kicked and the ball went to '94 who were soon forced in turn in kick. When '94 again got the ball they were on '95's 35 yard line, Hoag made a beautiful run of 20 yards and the ball was down near the juniors goal. '93 here braced up and getting the ball Duffield made a poor kick. Hoag then tried for a goal from the field. The ball was stopped but as it rolled on the ground McDonald dropped on it 5 yards from '93's line. The sophomores tried their end and tackle wedge and Hoag was carried over the line on the second down. He kicked the goal. Score '94, 6 to '93, 0.

Play began sharp and quick Thatcher with the ball for '93. He made but 3 yards and on the 2nd down Parker got the ball and made a beautiful run round the end for 20 when Cabot stopped him. '93 now forced the ball steadily down to within ten yards of the line when they lost the ball on 4 downs. It looked as if luck was with them, however, for a moment later the ball came back wildly and Winslow broke through and got it. The ball was decided to have been put regularly in play and '93 took the ball only to lose it again immediately. '94's centre was stronger than that of their opponents and Blake broke through continually on the quarter-back. '93 had the ball after Hoag kicked and Parker made a beautiful run round left end. The umpire saw Chew hold Harding and disallowed it promptly. With the ball first at one end of the field and then the other, no more scoring was done the first half.


In the second half '93 still had an excellent chance to win and started in with the ball. This they lost however directly on 4 downs and '94 started a series of spirited rushes gaining five yards at a time through the centre until Hoag made the touch down, '94 not having lost the ball once. Hoag kicked the goal. Score, '94, 12. '93, 0.

Shortly after play began again Whitney had his arm broken and DeRochemont took his place at centre. '93 played desperately, gaining 30 yards before they lost the ball. Hoag kicked and Thatcher fumbling a '94 man got the ball and carried it to '93's 3 yard line where he was downed and dropped it, '93 getting it. A kick sent it up field and neither team again came near scoring. The umpiring was especially good Mr. Perry acting promptly with fairness and decision.

The men lined up as follows:


Chew, (left end) Ladd.

Ellsworth, (left tackle) McDonald.

Broughton, (left guard) Blake.

Winslow, (centre) Whitney.


Rogers, (right guard) Williams.