The Yale Catalogue.

The catalogue of 1891-92, Yale's one hundred and ninety-second year, was put on sale last Saturday.

In the calendar, Commencement and the re-opening next fall are five days later; the junior exhibition is several days later than usual, but the plan for the Christmas recess is the same as for the last two years. Edward G. Mason and Buchanan Win-throp fill the places, respectively, on the Corporation, left vacant by William M. Evarts, whose term has expired, and Thomas C Sloane, who died in June, 1890. The Christman Fund, amounting to more than $22,000, bequeathed by Joseph A. Christman '57, who died in 1888, has been added to the list of aids, the income being given to poor and deserving students. There are also four new scholarship funds for poor men, amounting to over $19,000. The price of college rooms remains the same, but the estimate of expenses has been somewhat reduced. The number of instructors is 154, an increase of seven over last year. 120 courses are now offered as against last year's 119.

Twenty-three of last year's faculty and instructors are not present this year. Among them are Professor Thacher, who died last year, Professor W. R. Harper, Hon T. M. Cooley and Rev James Stalker.

The following table shows the distribution of the 1784 students in the University:

1890-91. 91-92 Gain or loss

Graduate Courses, 104 76 28

Yale College, 832 888 56

Sheffield Scientific School, 379 461 82

Art School, 44 37 7

Divinity School, 139 112 17

Medical School, 63 74 11

Law School, 116 155 39

-- --

1677 1813

Deduct for names twice inserted, 32 29

-- --

Totals, 1645 1784

There is thus a total gain of 139.