The B. A. A. Games.

Harvard Men Win Seventeen Prizes, Five of them being Firsts.

At the Boston Athletic Association games Saturday night, in the South Armory, Harvard men made a remarkably good showing. They won nearly all the important events with second and third in several besides.

The first event to be decided was the 75 yards dash. The prediction that Harvard would win all the prizes was fulfilled before the race was finished as every man in the final heat was from Harvard. The winner was S. V. R. Thayer '94 (11 feet); second, O. W. Shead '93 (11 feet); third, A. R. Shapleigh '92 (12 feet). The time was 7 4-5 seconds. Moen ran beautifully, but was too heavily handicapped to do more than get into the final heat. A. Blake '91 won the 1,000 yards run with a handicap of 35 yards in 2 m. 23 2-5 sec.; Lowell came in fourth, being prevented from doing better by the dense mass of men in front. This race was to have been, and should have been, run in two heats. E. S. Mullins '93 won the novice quarter in 56 4-5 sec., with S. Wells '91 second and J. Corbin '92 third. Harvard won second and third in the 300 yards run, V. S. Rothschild '91 (13 yards) and F. E. Stetson '92 (12 yards). This race was won by S. A. Coombs, Trimount Athletic Club, (12 yards) in 34 2-5 sec. G. L. Batchelder '92 won second place for Harvard in the 600 yards run.

The event of the evening was the high jump. G. R. Fearing '93 broke the world's indoor record three times, first 6 feet 1 inch, then 6 feet 2 inches, then 6 feet 2 1-4 inches. His jumping was beautifully easy and he does not by any means seem to have done the best he will ever be able to. A. H. Green '92 also did very well, beating his own record by several inches by jumping 5 feet 11 7-8 inches. Fearing had already won his heat in the 75 yards dash.

In the mile walk Harvard won two prizes, A. L. Endicott '93 (50 seconds) coming in second and S. C. Brackett '91, with the same handicap, third. R. S. Hale '91 walked well but was unable to overcome his handicap. The mile run was won by H. C. Lakin, Harvard '94, (110 yards) with E. White '92 (140 yards) second. Lakin and White were well ahead of the other contestants and had a close race until the last part of the last lap when Lakin took the lead and won in 4 minutes 26 seconds. H. M. Wheelwright, Harvard '94, won third place in the pole vault, clearing 10 feet 4 1-2 inches (counting his handicap of 12 inches). This even was won by L. W. Jenkins, B. A. A., with a handicap of 18 inches.

The other events of the evening were putting the shot, tug-of-war, 200 yards hurdle race with hurdles 3 feet 6 inches high, regimental team race, and standing three jumps. Harvard was represented in only one of these. On the whole the whole the games were a sucess. The prizes were medals; gold for first, silver for second and bronze for third places. The B. A. A. circular medal is hung at one end of the ribbon and a bar with Feb. 14th, '91, is at the other end. On the ribbon between the bar and circular medal is the square medal of the First Regiment Athletic Association, which held the games jointly with the Boston Athletic association.

Mr. Lathrop was present at the games as timer and was much pleased at the evidences of good training shown by the men he has had under his care.