Fact and Rumor.

W. D. Young' 92, and E. B. Reed '94, have been elected to the editorial board of the Yale Record.

The University of Pennsylvania will take Princeton's place in the Inter-collegiate Lacrosse Association.

The University of Michigan is planning to send its baseball team East next season to play the Eastern college nines.

The students at Exeter have raised $270 for the purpose of hiring M. J. Kelly, the Boston player, to coach the school nine.

The men in German 4 are to take Hermann and Dorothea as outside reading, and are to hand in a theme on it by March 16.


Mr. J. G. Brooks will lecture on "In Darkest England" at the Institute of Technology on Thursday afternoon at 3.30. It is open to the public.

The alumnae of Vassar College are endeavoring to raise $40,000 with which to endow a professorship of astronomy at Vassar College.

No news has yet been received from Columbia freshmen in regard to the race, and until it is received no action can be taken in regard to the Yale freshman race.