The Junior Crew.

The junior crew, although they began working before Christmas, can hardly be said to have got fairly started until after the mid-years, a number of the best men having laid off during the examinations. Up till yesterday the time has been spent on the rudiments of the stroke. Yesterday, however, the men rowed with a small slide. The candidates are noticeably light but are rowing as well as could be expected. The crews at present are made up as follows:

1st crew.- Bow, Chase; 2, Draper; 3, Hubbard; 4, Newell; 5, Rankin; 6, Steedman; 7, Stearns; stroke, Weed.

2nd crew.- 4, Lake; 5. Berry; 6, Young; 7, Agassiz; stroke, Stevens.

Lake and Berry have rowed only a few days. Kidder is coming out this afternoon.